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General Rules

* Club opens 7:30pm for track assembly & practice.

* Racing begins at 8:45pm.

* Expected time of finish 10-10:30pm.

* It is expected that all members assist in building & dismantling the circuit.

* The evening finishes when all races have been completed.

* No abusive language is allowed.

* Respect drivers who are racing while you are marshalling.

* Marshal the circuit when not racing.

* Allow leading drivers to pass without interference.

* There will be no changing of car during the race if it breaks down.

* Lending of your race car to other members is prohibited, except for father & son / daughter relationships, where available the spare club car will be used.

Marshalling Rules

1) When not driving in a race, all members are required to Marshall.

2) All Marshalls must ensure that they are in place in good time for the start of the race and all drivers will ensure that they are ready to start the next race.

3) If car A comes off (on its own) the Marshall will place it back on its designated lane as quickly as possible.

4) If car A comes off and then car B comes off at the same place, independently of car A, then car A will be replaced before car B.

5) If car A comes off and in doing so takes off car B, the car B will be replaced on the track before car A.

6) Apart from straightening a guide blade, if a car breaks down, the Marshall will not attempt to repair it and will remove it from the track if it is unable to continue.

7) Marshalls will make every effort to follow these rules but all drivers must accept that errors will be made from time to time.

8) Drivers will ensure that when called to race, their cars are placed on the grid with the appropriate coloured tape corresponding to their designated lane.

9) Drivers will ensure that they place their cars on the grid quickly to limit delays between races.

10) If a car leaves the track, the Marshalls will replace it in line with rules 3,4,and 5 above, however if the Marshall has not noticed that a car has stooped, the driver may attract his attention by calling either the Marshall’s name or by calling the word ‘Marshall’.

11) Drivers will not, under any circumstance, shout at or abuse any Marshall.

12) At the end of the race all drivers will remain on the driver’s platform until all drivers have completed the race.

13) If a car requires maintenance that will prevent the driver from starting the next race, then the driver may request time from the Race Controller

14) At the discretion of the Race Controller, a short delay will be permitted or an alternative race will be run to allow a driver more time for repairs providing this does not affect the ability of the Marshalls to discharge their duties satisfactorily.

Download MSCC Marshalling Rules

MSCC Marshalling Rules