Welcome to Medway Slot Car Club.

MSCC  formed in August 1988 and has raced regularly on Wednesday evenings since.

The track is six lanes, wooden, MDF track. Unlike the normal domestic sets the track and hand controllers are wired for braking, which slows the cars down for the corners. The average lane length is 90 feet with cars lapping in approximately 7-10 seconds.

The whole race evening is controlled by a computer that identifies race position, lap times and league status.

Members can either supply their own cars and controllers or you can use one of our LOAN CARS so you can just ARRIVE & DRIVE . There is a basic rule of racing “Box Standard” which means that a limited number of alterations can be made to the car. The cars and modifications are detailed in our “Series” section above which can be downloaded.

We have approximately 15-20 members in the club with an average of 12 on a race night.

Each series consists of  two rounds, each round is 4 weeks.